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Gibalas in Slovakia

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When I started to study occurence of surname Gibala on Slovakia I looked for Gibalas by Slovakian phone list . I found about 90 Gibala families on Slovakia. Most frequently they are living Gibala families on central Slovakia in area Hrinova, Zvolen, Kokava, Poltar, Rimavska Sobota. I talked by phone with Dr. Zilak from SOA in Banska Bystrica. Dr. Zilak is studying history of Malohont zupa (district). Dr. Zilak said me, that Gibala came to area Poltar, Kokava, Breznicka as Czech catholic pheasant family after year 1770.
By last informations Dr. Zilak first group of Czech immigrants came to Detva domination of Count Esterhazy in the year 1762. This group came from Vsetin and environs( Karlovice, Ratibor, Hutisko Solanec, Horni Becva, Karolinka). They were mostly glassblower maker who settled in Detvianska Huta. Between first settler were surnames Machala, Olsak, Hupka. After this first group came more Czech settler to this area not only glassblower even pheasants in period next 15 or 30 years. Pavlovice area was many contacts with Valassko and Vsetin area. I am premising that about 1800 moved from Pavlovice to Detva area more Gibala's families. By informations Dr. Zilak they were minimum 3 or 4 families of Gibalas before 1830 in Detva area.

I think that contacts between Pavlovice area and this part of Slovakia were long standing, that movement Czech settlers to this area were not in one wave but step by step process. For example I found in Hradcany parish books one widower, who for second marriage support paper of death his first wife from Resica village. Resica there is very close of Detva. But I have not known exact mechanism of this contacts. If people of Pavlovice area went there with Austrian-Hungary army, or if they went there to seasons working or if they met own relatives or if they were invited by owner of this domination.
During of my study about slovakian Gibalas I found one pleasant helper Mr. Imrich Gibala from Banska Bystrica. He with help Dr. Jan Zilak did history of his Gibala family in Hrinova. He went back to the year 1830. Perhaps we are very close to join Gibalas from Pavlovice and Gibalas from Hrinova. Because I have in my records from Pavlovice Josef Gibala (he was born in 1815 in Pavlovice numb.4 ). I have not any next records for them in Pavlovice parish books. Josef Gibala was appeared in Hrinova books in 1854 without later records in born or marriage books. For 100% certainty it will need certify data of Josef Gibala in book of deths in Hrinova. Thank you Mr. Imrich Gibala and Dr. Jan Zilak for their help. Here is text of mail from Mr. Imrich Gibala

Members of this central slovakian Gibala's family moved about 1900 to America and to France. More members of this families moved after WWII. to Czech republic. They were mostly officier of Czechoslovakian army. Members of this families are living today for example in Vyskov, Drnovice, Olomouc, Jindrichuv Hradec, Teplice and Strani - Kvetna.
On east Slovakia close of Dukla pass and polish border they are living other Gibalas families. Famous slovak academic statuer Frano ( Frantisek) Gibala came from this family. This Gibala family moved to Slovakia from Poland - Czaslaw area before WWI.